How it works

Simple to understand and simple to use.

  • Sign up

    Signing up is quick, easy and engaging. No matter who you are, you've got nothing to lose to find out what great opportunities are on your doorstep.

  • Create your profile

    Mumbu lets you build a profile in a unique way, focusing on personality, attitude and lifestyle. There is no CV. It's fun, different and gives you an easy way to showcase your skills.

  • Say when you're available

    Whether full-time, part-time or just a few hours a week, Mumbu lets you manage your availability at all times giving you the flexibility to fit around family life.

  • Publish your profile

    You have total control of when and how people find you. Privacy is a top priority at all times, allowing you to decide which businesses fit your aspirations. Each connection is valued more, because it's private.

  • A dashboard of local business connections

    Very quickly, you can be connected with a number businesses on your doorstep. Using the dashboard, you can manage who and how you work with, to suit your availability and skillset.