A new way for businesses and individuals to find each other

  • Control

    Candidates have control of the businesses they want to connect to. No recruiters, no hassle and simple to use.

  • On your doorstep

    Mumbu enables businesses to access relevant local skills and expertise directly. At the same time, candidates have access to opportunities that would not normally be advertised.

  • Focus on attitude

    Mumbu focuses on the most important factor - the individual. The CV is a poor representation of a person's attitude and Mumbu aims to put this right.

  • Recruitment alternative

    Mumbu provides a cost effective and refreshing alternative to traditional recruitment. Finding great people does not have to cost the earth or involve a recruitment company.

  • Flexible

    The mumbu availability window supports flexible as well as full-time or charity work opportunities. Its easy to set-up and easy to manage, helping support your work life balance and find businesses that are a good match.

  • Accessible

    Mumbu gives businesses a more accessible and cost effective alternative to recruit people with the right skills and attitude.

  • No Middleman

    Mumbu is recruiter free and private, allowing you to safely explore new opportunities that work for you.

  • No limits

    Mumbu opens up new opportunities with unlimited access to businesses. It supports your lifestyle and aspirations.